Interspecies Reviewers manga review

While fantasy isekai manga’s are popular now, we’re going to take a look at pure fantasy with Interspecies Reviewers by amaharateikoku and masha_aq. The manga follows 3 main characters and […]


When drawings of blowjobs trended on Japanese Twitter

Featured image from eight110 On 11/11 a amazing hashtag started to trend on Japanese Twitter, #無言でフェラ絵を上げる見た人もやる. When translated it basically says “Seeing a person giving a blowjob.” Who doesn’t love […]


Nukenai Seiken-chan – Manga review

If your a fan of lolis, boobs, lolis with boobs, swords, and metal smithing then Nukenai Seiken-chan (ヌけない聖剣ちゃん) is the manga for you. The manga just ended with 70 chapters […]


Death Note returns with new manga after 12 years

It has been twelve years since the original, ad wildly-popular Death Note Manga came to an end – But a recent announcement made by Crunchyroll on Twitter confirmed that a new one-time chapter is coming in February 2020. […]