Interspecies Reviewers manga review

While fantasy isekai manga’s are popular now, we’re going to take a look at pure fantasy with Interspecies Reviewers by amaharateikoku and masha_aq. The manga follows 3 main characters and their “comrades in arms” as they go around their fantasy world to not necessarily slay monsters but to review brothels with different species, from elves, harpy’s, salamanders, succubus, mushrooms, centaurs, and much, much more. They help others who are curious but not brave enough to go into a brothel of other species without reading their reviews first.

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The different species that work at the brothels are all called succubus, even if they aren’t what you think of when you hear the word “succubus.” The brothels are legitimate businesses and pay taxes on their earnings to the government. All brothels are surrounded by a magic circle to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy so there is no need for contraceptives or condoms. Isn’t that convenient and don’t you wish you had that magic circle in our world?

One of the main characters is Stunk, a regular human. Though he’s considered one of the stronger humans, enough to rival a hero in strength. His favorite succubus are elves. Isn’t that the dream of all humans, to have sex with a cute and sexy looking elf? Interestingly enough, mana sensitive species can sense how old a elf is despite her young looks by how “rotten” her mana smells. In the case of the elf above, while she looks like she’s in her 20’s she’s actually at least 500 years old, which is like grandmother age in elf age.

Next we have Zel who is an elf as well but only 200 years old. He contacts from all over the world as a result of his long life. It’s also because of his long life one of his favorite succubus are humans, ironic. This is because humans have a much shorter life span than elves and even when the human succubus is of grandmother age she still has a “young mana” and feels refreshing.

The last main character is Crimvael or Crim for short. Crim is a angel who has mysteriously fallen from heaven as a result of the broken halo above Crim’s head. If you take a close look, Crim has very androgynous characteristics. Under the short pants though you’ll also see Crim has a very large penis and most likely a regular sized vagina. While Crim doesn’t seem to have a species preference, there is more attraction to species with lots of mana or one who is more dominant, cool, and has a “penis.” This is specifically about female species with a large clitoris that can be mistaken for a penis from afar, like with the hyena species.

These three often travel around with at least one other species to brothels for reviews, normally Kanchal, a short halfling, or Brooz, a large kobold. The reviews are rated from 0-10, 10 being perfect. It helps to have different species with different senses, sizes, and preferences as it gives the reviews more legitimacy and brings in a larger audience.

Very rarely they do give 10 out of 10 reviews, even rarer when they all give 10 out of 10 on the same review. You can see they gave a 10 out of 10 to the woman below by reading the manga.

While these adventurers do earn a decent living from writing reviews they do go out to slay monsters and fulfill quests when they are low in funds; like the time they went to a booze fairies bar where they get to drink and have sex with heavy drinking fairies and ended up losing all their money.

Their home base is a bar where they post their reviews, have drinks, and enjoy delicious food. Their server is a cute, busty, and takes no crap harpy named Meidri.

By the way, while rare, they also have succubus porn videos which is projected through a crystal. In this case they’re watching a erotic video of a golem puppet getting drilled, literally, to put a fake vagina in her. Later on she has regular sex with her creators.

Some stuff can get weir,d like watching egg laying. While weird to most, it’s amazing to egg laying and egg eating species, like mermen and lamia.

The manga is full of comedy and quite insightful as well. Like you never think about what’s inside a mimic box but the interspecies reviewers went there. It’s not just darkness inside those boxes as it turns out they have feet too. Mimic’s are also embarrassed when you can see their whole body and prefer the darkness.

Have fun reading!!

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