Credit Card companies cracking down on DLsite

After continued pressure, foreign credit card companies are cracking down on japanese Adult books and game seller DLsite. In the eye of this troublesome situation, DLsite announced major changes in search terms in order to reduce the explicitness of search terms, another blow in the fight against Western influence in Japan.

Said terms include categorical terms like “Loli-baba” (loli hag) and “b*stiality” amongst other more specific fetishes like sex with insects, sex with sleeping women, and hypnosis-inducing voice packs. Some terms will now also be censored or not even further be used to try to comply with western credit card companies, as specifically Mastercard has geared up its fight against japanese Hentai culture as it seems.

These terms have been replaced so far:

  • Mesugaki -> Loser~♡
  • R*pe -> No consent
  • Loli -> Chickling (hiyoko)
  • Loli-babaa -> Chickling hag (hiyoko-babaa)
  • Confinement -> Trapped inside
  • Cruel -> Super mean
  • Reverse r*pe -> Reverse ra (Gyaku-re)
  • Forced/Physically forced -> Commanded/Physically forced
  • Inc*st -> Stories about family
  • Torture -> Suffering
  • Hypnosis -> Trance/Subconscious command
  • B*stiality -> Animal friends
  • Brainwashing -> Mind control
  • Chikan -> Secret touchy-touch
  • Conditioning -> Discipline
  • Slavery -> Servant
  • Humiliation -> Embarrassment
  • Gangr*pe -> Taking turns
  • Bug r*pe -> Bug ecchi
  • Faceless r*pe -> Faceless oji-san
  • Non-human r*pe -> Non-human ecchi
  • Machine r*pe -> Machine teasing
  • Sleeping r*pe -> Snore ecchi
  • Hypnosis voice -> Trance/subconscious command voice

DLsite has since been trending on the Japanese side of social media for the sudden announcement, and while some have found the changes to be outright hilarious (resulting in parody images like the one above), others see DLSite as kowtowing to Western influences, considering sites like Niconico were steadfast and accepted the cutting of Mastercard support.

That said, DLsite’s hand might have been forced, as they mention that over half of the purchases made on the site occur via credit card, meaning this was potentially affecting a major part of their user base and business in general.

Others pointed out that by making regular terms take on sexual connotations it could only lead to a higher risk of actual minors accidentally stumbling upon pornographic content.

What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments below.