Lucky Star themed manhole covers coming to Kuki City in Japan

Japan is famous for an array of unique manhole covers, often with unique designs such as city landmarks, and sometimes with even with anime characters.

The city of Kuki has recently released details of their upcoming manholes. One of them featuring the Hiragi sisters from Lucky Star. The covers are part of the city’s tenth commemorative anniversary celebrating the merger of a few towns that now make up Kuki.

It’s not the first time that Kagami and Tsukasa have been connected to the city of Kuki. The twins featured in Lucky Star as shrine maidens at Washinomiya Shrine in the city – which in turn made it a popular anime pilgrimage for otakus. 

There will also be a Tetsudou Musume (railway mascots) manhole cover featuring characters Akane Kurihashi and Minami Kurihashi. Smaller water valve covers around the city will also get the anniversary celebration treatment with similar designs.

Here are the cover designs:

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