Beautiful Cosplayer in Ibaraki accidentally shows her pubic hair during photo shoot (with uncensored Videos)

We all love those Cosplay events in Japan. Full of girls, often wearing next to nothing, surrounded by crowds of Otakus, dying to get the best shot at her or of her, depending on how you look at it.

A recent even in Ibaraki prefecture however sparked interest even in some overseas media as the girl we see in the videos below was not shy of showing what she has to offer, including her pubic hard coming out of her panties, well a few at least, causing the Otaku crowd to freak out.

The way the dozens of Otakus are getting at her feels like a hungry bunch of wolves are looking at a lamb. We hope she made it out there safe, it would be a real shame.

Check out some uncensored videos below…..

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