Chinese Man arrested for Illegally Copying Game Music at Game Center in Osaka

Osaka Prefectural Police arrested a Chinese citizen called Leong Meng-hing on suspicion of illegally copying game music at an arcade center in the Abeno Ward in Osaka, Japan.

The suspect had no fixed address or job and was arrested for violating copyright law by illegally copying music data used in rhythm game machines at arcade centers such as the popular Maimai. Police found copies of multiple songs on recording media in the suspect’s possession.

According to the police report, the man was arrested after being suspected of colluding with someone to use a computer to download and copy music data. He downloaded music data for six songs from a game machine installed at the Abeno Ward arcade center.

After Osaka Prefectural Police consulting with Sega, which operates the arcade machines,police officers kept an eye on the particular arcade game. Chinese suspect Meng-hing then being spotted acting suspiciously near the rhythm game machine, which led to the arrest.

We guess Mr. Meng-hing never heard of Internet downloads. While still being illegal and not support by us, it would have saved him the consequences of being arrested in Japan which can lead to severe punishments in Japan’s strict judical system.

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