Popular VTuber Cottontail has her own Onahole with otonaJP

Even this is already a while out, we felt that it is news worthy to report that popular VTuber Cottontail has teamed up with Japanese Adult toy powerhouse otonaJP for an epic collaboration and her very own Onahole. With the recent discounts otonaJP offers and the low prices in general, probably due to the low Japanese Yen rate, the chance has never been better.

With nearly 500K followers over on X, has Cottontail surely a massive following and the chance to become intimate with her, even just through her Onahole, surely is appealing to us fans.

At the time of this writing, The Cottontail Experience is available for $35.20 and is shipped worldwide by them. I personally purchased one myself (paid for it myself as well) and I enjoyed it a lot due to the unique Torso like shape. All I have left to say is, breed her like a rabbit……just as I did many times.

This truly is another great entry in otonaJP’s ever growing series of VTuber collaborations.

The Cottontail Experience can be found here at otonaJP.

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