Welcome to our glossary of Japanese erotic words and slang as well as other funny and interesting play on words.

A – Words & Slang

AhegaoThe face that anime/manga girls make during sex – often with rolled-back eyes and panting mouth.

Akagai: The vagina of an adolescent girl or young woman.

Asa-man: Morning sex (where “asa” means morning, and “man” is abbreviated from “manko”, meaning cunt) – (Lit. “morning cunt”)

Ashikoki: Footjob.

AV: Adult Video – pornographic videos

B – Words & Slang

Baishunfu: Prostitute.

Bishoujo (Bishōjo): Japanese term for a beautiful young girl, usually below adult age. 

Bukkake: The act of several men ejaculating on a person.

C – Words & Slang

Chikan: Any act of public molestation against unsuspecting victims – (Groping). Chikan is is a theme often used in porn and roleplaying fantasies. 

Cosplay: A Japanese portmanteau of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’ to describe the act of wearing clothes and accessories to represent a specific character. A popular Japanese past-time.

D – Words & Slang

Dakimakura: A type of large pillow from Japan (body pillow in English). Commonly used by Japanese youth as “security objects” or a substitute to a girlfriend or a sex doll. They often come with anime character design covers.

Debu-sen: Slang for someone who desires larger women (Chubby-Chaser in English) .

Denma: An electric vibrator, often used in Japanese porn.

DoujinshiA self-published (amateur) magazine or publication that caters to a specific group of people – often featuring hentai themes. 

E – Words & Slang

Etchi (Ecchi): Dirty, erotic, sexual or lewd.

Ero: Erotic. (E.g. ero-game = erotic game / ero-manga = erotic manga).

F – Words & Slang

Fechi: Fetish.

Furin: Adultery.

FutanariA genre of Japanese anime or manga featuring hermaphrodite characters, usually females with a penis.

G – Words & Slang

Gaijin: Foreigner or outsider, commonly used in Japan to refer to minority ethnic groups, especially Caucasians.

Gai-sen: Slang for someone who desires foreigners.

Gokkun: A genre of Japanese porn in which a person consumes the semen of multiple men, often from a container such as a cup or a beaker.

Gomu: Condom.

Gravure Idol: (Pronounced ‘gurabia aidoru’ in Japanese) A Japanese female model who primarily models in magazines and DVDs for men. Gravure idols model with an emphasis on their sexual attractiveness and often pose in swimsuits.

Gyaku Anaru: (Lit: “reverse anal”) A man being penetrated anally by a woman, usually by a dildo or similar phallus-like object. 

H – Words & Slang

Hafu (Haafu): Someone of mixed race.

Hamedori: Photographing or filming sex.

Harem: An erotic anime or hentai subgenre featuring a male protagonist with multiple members of the opposite sex.

Hentai: Pervert or perverted. This comes from the Japanese slang ‘hen’ which means strange in Japanese. Hentai is more recently used in the west to refer to extreme forms of pornographic content in manga and anime or even pornography. 

Hinnyu (Hinnyuu): Tiny breasts (flat-chested).

Host (Hosuto): A male who offers companionship within a host bar in exchange for payment (to the bar) and drinks. Hosts sometimes sing and dance to entertain guests and often look like characters from manga or anime. 

Hostess (Hosuto): Hostesses entertain clients, usually male, in host clubs (hosuto kurabu). Some clubs are cheaper, snack-bar type clubs, while others are high-class bars that are more expensive. Hostesses are not prostitutes but may sometimes sleep with clients.

I – Words & Slang

Idol (Aidoru): Manufactured music and entertainment star marketed for image, attractiveness and personality. 

Inbu: Genital parts, genitalia (formal Japanese).

J – Words & Slang

JAV: Japanese adult video.

J-girl: A term for a young Japanese woman, often used by foreign men.

Josou: Cross-dressing as a female.

K – Words & Slang

Kimochii: (Lit. “feels good”). Often used in Japanese porn or hentai anime and manga.

Kinbaku: Japanese rope bondage. 

Kintama: Testicles (The kanji that make up this word in Japanese (金玉) mean gold and balls, respectively).

Kito (Kitou): The head of the penis.

Kuki-Ningyo (Kuuki-Ningyou): An air doll or inflatable sex doll.

Kupa: Camel-toe.

Kupaa: The sound of a vagina opening. 

Kyaba-Jo: Hostess.

L – Words & Slang

Lolicon (Rorikon): Japanese abbreviation of lolita complex. An attraction to young (or young-looking) girls, especially in adult anime or manga. 

Love Doll (Rabu Do-ru): A euphemistic or alternate term for sex doll.

Love Hotel (rabu hoteru): A short-stay hotel popular in Japan, offering privacy to guests and often used for sexual activities. 

M – Words & Slang

Maid Cafe: A type of cosplay restaurant predominantly found in Japan where waitresses dress in various costumes (often as French maids) and act as servants and treat the customers as masters. The versions for females are called “butler cafes”. 

Manaita: This is the Japanese word for a chopping board, but it’s also used a slang word in Japan for a girl with a flat chest. 

Manko: (or Omanko): The Japanese word for pussy/vagina.

Meiki: A special kind of Japanese onahole, usually of high-quality and often based on a JAV star.

Moe: Something/Someone that is Moe can or does elicit strong feelings of love and adoration from the viewer (something that ignites a burning desire deep within – sole boner could sometimes be similar in English). Moe is often used in otaku culture.

Mamachari: The word Mamachari simply comes from putting the word “Mama” for mother and “Chari” which is often used to call a bicycle together. So it usually refers to a Mother or elderly women in Japan riding the Bicycle.

N – Words & Slang

Nakadashi: Cream-pie (lewd). Also, ejaculating inside a woman without a condom on.

Nampa (Nanpa): Picking up members of the opposite sex, typically in a bar or club, or even on the street. Gyaku-Nanba is usually used to refer to a woman picking up a man.

Nanshoku (Danshoku): The traditional Japanese word for male homosexuality or sodomy. 

Nawashi: A Japanese rope bondage artist, also called a Kinbakushi or Bakushi.

Newhalf: A wasei-eigo term, newhalf shares the same negative connotation as the English word “shemale”. It’s a blanket term for people across the transgender-transsexual spectrum but generally refers to a trans woman possessing male genitalia. Newhalf is often also used to refer to a person that doesn’t conform solely to male or female binary standards.

Nikubenki: Slang for a woman who is treated as a sex object (a promiscuous woman). The Japanese kanji that make up this word (肉​便​器) mean meatconvenience and utensil respectively. 

No-Pan: When a woman is not wearing panties.

Nyan-Nyan Shashin: Leaked sex or nude photos (lit in English: Meow Meow Photo).

NyotaimoriThe traditional, and quasi-mythical, Japanese practice of serving sushi on naked bodies.

O – Words & Slang

Oiran: A type of high-class prostitute in Edo-period Japan.

Okama: A derogatory slang term for a drag queen, transvestite or an effeminate gay man.

Omorashi: The fantasy for having a girl wet herself.

Onahole (Onaho): A male masturbator sleeve. 

Onda Matsuri: A fertility festival in Asuka, Nara Prefecture, Japan. One of the highlights of this festival is the theme of spanking.

Oppai: Slang for breasts.

Otaku: The Japanese equivalent of the word geek, but it can also be used to describe someone who is passionate about something in particular – For example, a plane otaku.

P – Words & Slang

Paipan: When a woman is fully shaved in her pubic region.

Paizuri: Boob-job, titfuck, tit-job etc.

Panchira: Visible panties, a common theme in fantasies, porn and adult manga.

Petannko: Flat-chested.

Pink Salon (Pinsaro): A brothel that specialises in blow-jobs.

Pinku-Eiga (Pink Film): A softcore porn film, popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

R – Words & Slang

Roshutsu: Exhibitionism fetish.

Ryojoku: Insult, shame, humiliation or degradation fetish.

S – Words & Slang

Sanpi: Threesome.

Seisui: (Lit. “holy water”). Also used as slang for urine.

Sentakuita: Washing board‘ and also another slang word for flat-chested.

Shinbari: Japanese rope bondage, also known as Kinbaku.

Shiofuki: Female ejaculation.

Shokushu Goukan: Tentacle sex, sometimes referred to as “tentacle porn” or “tentacle rape”. A popular theme in Japanese pornography and extreme adult manga and anime. There is a long history of Shokushu Goukan type art and stories in Japan.

Shotacon: Short for Shōtarō complex. An attraction to young boys or the depiction of young-looking boys. Outside of Japan, the term is used to refer to a genre of manga or anime wherein pre-pubescent or pubescent male characters are depicted in an erotic manner.

Shudo (or Wakashudo): The traditional word for a gay relationship between an older man and a younger boy.

Shunga: A type of Japanese historical woodblock print depicting erotic art. “The original hentai art of Japan”.

Shucchou: “Business trip”, and also a slang term for a call girl visit.

Snack Bar: A type of cheap hostess club.

Soapland: A type of brothel where women offer men sexual services while washing them. Formerly known as Toruko.

Sukebe: A pervert.

Sumata: The sexual act of a woman getting a man off by rubbing his cock with her thighs. A service often available at brothels to circumvent official laws against prostitution. Sumata can also mean ‘thighs’.

T – Words & Slang

Tamakeri:  The male fantasy of being kicked in the balls by a powerful woman.

Tekoki: A handjob.

Tenga: The leading Japanese adult toymaker, who changed the industry with innovative products such as Tenga Egg, Tenga Flip Hole and more. Their products are famous and sold around the world. 

Toruko-Buro: A type of Turkish bath with sex services, now more commonly known as a soapland.

Tousatsu (Tosatsu): Peeping photos, or peeping films (voyeuristic media).

U – Words & Slang

Ura-Aka Joshi: Women who have secret social media accounts solely for posting nude selfies, sex tapes, and other erotic content.

Y – Words & Slang

Yakyu-KenThe erotic Japanese version of the famous Rock, Paper, Scissors game with an added twist, wherein participants remove an article of clothing each time they lose.

Yaeba: “Snaggle-teeth” (pointy teeth that look a bit like vampire’s teeth). A Japanese craze in recent years amongst young women who believe these type of teeth make them appear cuter. 

Yaoi: “Boy-love“. A genre of adult manga and anime, featuring homoerotic relations. Popular with women, and not necessarily always targeted at gay readers.

Yobai: An old Japanese rural custom where men would sneak into a neighbouring house to have sex with the daughter. Often it would be semi-staged so that they the perpetrator could be caught by the father and made to marry.

Yukaku: The designated red-light districts in the Edo period.

Z – Words & Slang

Zentai: Bodysuit fetish.

Zettai Ryouiki (Zettai Ryoiki): (Lit. “absolute territory“). Refers to the area of bare skin in the gap between over knee socks or a miniskirt (or shorts).

Glossary of Japanese erotic slang & words.

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