Is the Final Fantasy IX Remake becoming reality?

Square Enix may have hinted at a remake of the super PlayStation 1 JRPG Final Fantasy IX Remake, as Gematsu reports.

Naoki Yoshida, the producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV (PS5, Xbox Series, PC), commented on this at a PAX East panel for the MMO. He said that the Collector’s Edition for the upcoming Dawntrail expansion will include bonus items in the style of Final Fantasy IX. Yoshida said that the inclusion of these items was “a secret.”

“You may have noticed a lot of Final Fantasy IX references, but the reason is a secret,”

A remake of the classic first appeared two years ago in the Nvidia GeForce Now leak. Many of the games in the leak have now been published or announced, so Square Enix may actually be working on a Final Fantasy IX remake after all.

Let us know your thoughts. Are you looking forward to dive into Zidane’s adventures once again?

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