Succubus Connect Episode 1 by Magin Label shows some Nasty scenes

Magin Label has shared a new trailer for Episode 1 of its upcoming ero-anime, Succubus Connect, about an insecure girl named Yuina who gets possessed by a perverted succubus.

Yuina has feelings for her brother, who isn’t blood-related, but she lacks the confidence to do anything about it and spends her days in agony, wishing she could until she’s guided to an unknown world by a mysterious voice. If you think that so far, the plot is weird, you are in for a treat as it gets worse.

Yuina gets attacked but gets saved by a perverted succubus who possesses her and defeats the assailants by having sex with them. The heroine finds herself trapped in a world where succubi run rampant as she searches for a way to get back to her brother. Got interested? Here is the latest trailer!

Check out some more photos below!

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