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If you read recent manga or watch recent anime you’ve probably heard of “isekai,” person(s) summoned to another world/time and becoming the hero that will defeat the evil Demon King. How about being summoned to another world to film AV? “Filming Adult Videos in Another World” (異世界AV撮影隊) is a isekai & AV combined into a comedy fantasy manga.

Despite this manga being about filming JAV in another world there is no actual nudity surprisingly. Though when you find out the publish is Shonan Jump which focuses more on males, including young boys, it makes since as to why there’s no nudity. This manga is more about comedy and doing it with the isekai theme, so slimes, orcs, elves, kings, princesses, and all that other world stuff that comes with isekai.

The main characters are an AV company president, the one guy that seems to do mostly everything in the company, Inokashira, and sometimes the one female AV actress they hire who wants to live out her isekai fantasies, Kanako. Incidentally, Kanako loves the bikini armor you often see in fantasy games but for some reason in manga the girls never really wear that often and when they do it’s more fan service.

The main plot of the manga is the AV company doesn’t have enough money to make a full AV in our world. So to compensate for the set and costume cost they go to a isekai world to film since everything they need to film a fantasy AV is there. To get “summoned” to another world, all three go into an elevator and like the famous “Konami Code,” they must go back and forth between floors and go to specific floors to get “summoned” that the president learned about from the internet.

It actually works and they exit the elevator into a lavish throne room with a king sitting on his throne. As they still need to find a male actor to perform in their AV, Kanako suggests the king and tries to immediately get it on with him in the throne room with his closest subjects surrounding him. They get scolded, despite the king being up for it.

Apparently they were actually summoned as heroes despite doing the elevator trick themselves with a hero summoning medal, coincidence? The advisor to the king starts talking about defeating the Demon King when Inokashira says they’re just there to film a AV. Apparently this shocks the court but not in the way you think. They were summoned with the “normal hero” medal to do menial hero tasks and not with the “SSS hero medal” to summon heroes to defeat the Demon King.

Their task is to destroy Demon King statues surrounding the kingdom that gives strength to the Demon King that only those summoned can do as it’s blocked by a barrier for residents of the isekai world.

To complete this task they are given weapons and armor. Kanako finally gets to wear that bikini armor she dreams about, which she also doesn’t know if it’ll actually protect her or not. To give comedy to the manga the president and Inokashira are also given female bikini armor which makes them look like perverts.

The three head out into the world to start taking down the statues and to start filming. After doing a AV interview with Kanako that you sometimes see at the beginning of an AV they look for a male actor to appear with her. It didn’t take long before someone shows up, a very burly looking knight named Beenyan who came to assist them.

Although they’re up for destroying the statues, the main purpose the AV crew is there in the isekai world is to film AV. Kanako suggests to Beenyan they can do something more “fun” before they destroy the statues. It is then that Beenyan reveals she’s actually female by putting enough force on her chest to make the chest plate pop open to reveal her rather big breasts covered by pasties.

Since Beenyan is female they decided to continue their isekai quest of destroying the statues and look for the male actor later. They soon come across a giant blob of “lotion,” like the lotion you find in AV. In the isekai world they’re known as slimes. Though when Kanako walked up to the slime she tasted it and it tasted like lotion to her. Since it tastes like lotion the president says the slime is now their male actor and tells Kanako to go after it, which she happily obliges.

Before Kanako can get get it on with the slime though Beenyan defeats it in one super hero hit. She did it because she is “defending the president.” Apparently, after the president groped her breasts earlier, Beenyan had fallen for the president. Beenyan continues to defeat more “male actor” slimes as they made their way to the Demon King statue.

Once they arrive in front of a statue they find the Demon King is also wearing female bikini armor like them. Beenyan explains the Demon King gets his power from the arousal of people imagining him in bikini armor. Strange and messed up but funny and true.

To defend the statue a giant slime appears and Beenyan can’t defeat it as the barrier protecting the statue prevents her from getting close enough. This is their chance and Kanako goes at this giant newcomer “male actor.” Turns out the slime is still a slime and absorbs the heroes into itself. Turns out the “male actor” is quite good at pleasing Kanako and even the president himself with the nice and cool “lotion” going all over them and into every crevice and orifice on their body.

The bikini armor does nothing as you can see the slime just spits it out

After capturing the amazing interaction between the slime and Kanako on camera, the three are spit out of the slime. Unlike other isekai’s, the slimes in this world only siphon months of their vitality but will not kill them. The slime was “defeated” and Kanako destroys the statue.

After clearing that quest the three are rewarded with a “thank you” mug while the president gets personally thanked by Beenyan with more breast groping. The three are sent back to our world, via a giant slide, and the AV they film is a hit.


Filming AV in a isekai world is an original concept that stands out from your normal isekai manga. The manga itself is quite popular in Japan with thousands of reviews on Amazon JP from those who bought it, with the first chapter having over 1,000 reviews and three stars. Though I think the three stars comes from people expecting something more hardcore and not just comedy. After all, when you think AV you also think of hardcore nudity.

It’s nice to see elements of AV being in a regular manga. The next chapter even features the time stop genre of AV. I believe AV should not be stigmatized and should just be a normal part of life. With this manga being in Shonan Jump it’s a step forward in letting regular people learn about AV For those who already know about AV this lets them enjoy the concept in a regular setting by reading it in manga. I give points to the mangaka for doing this and for being creative by involving the fantasy/isekai setting.

While some people do love the comedy in the manga, I’m a comedy fan myself, I find it a little boring. There are funny and random parts, like the bikini armor trope, but it seems like it’s more for a quick “WTF” moment rather than more witty and clever. Although, when you think about it, there’s lots of moments like that in comedy manga which I enjoy. I guess what stands in the way of me enjoying it more is like those who left bad reviews for it on Amazon JP, wanting to see something more hardcore.

So it’s more about personal taste when it comes to this AV filming isekai manga. I appreciate seeing the AV elements but don’t actually get to see much of the actual parts of AV that I enjoy watching. Well, if I wanted that then I can just go read doujin right? I’m sure a parody of the manga will eventually come out or something similar might already be published and I need to look for it.

Check out “Filming Adult Videos in Another World.” Maybe you’ll enjoy the comedy that comes from this manga. Maybe you’ll be like me who was hoping for something more hardcore. Maybe still, you’ll be the person in the middle who enjoys just the elements of AV but doesn’t need that actual AV part and likes the comedy. You won’t know until you pick it up to read.

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