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If you know read manga or watch anime there’s a good chance you know about the “Magical Girl” genre. Cardcaptor Sakura gave the genre a big boom and set a standard for magical girls being cute, wearing frilly dresses, friendship, big wands, nice, friendly, romantic, and of course, magical. There’s always a evil side too which wants to take over the world which the magical girl defends. What if I told you there’s a magical girl manga that takes it in another direction and focuses on “evil” magical girls who tend to take a lewder approach to being evil?  I admire magical girls, and is said manga by Akihiro Ononaka.

Utena Hiiragi is a normal high school girl who lives in a town with magical girls she admires known as “Magical Girl Tres Magia” who fight the evil force “Enormeeta” that’s trying to conquer the world. Utena dreams of becoming a magical girl. One day after school she encounters a talking magical girl mascot who asks if she wants to become a magical girl that introduces itself as Venalita. Giving her no choice, Venalita forces Utena to transform.

Utena is happy her dream of becoming a magical girl is coming true and that her clothes are transforming into a cute dress like the ones worn by Tres Magia but…

she ends up a very revealing demon like outfit, complete with horns.

Turns out Venalita actually had plans for Utena to become a evil magical girl leader. Utena doesn’t want to do it but Venalita actually recorded her “naked transformation scene” and blackmailed her by saying that scene would be uploaded to the internet if she refused his requests. She tried to get Venalita to delete it but while talking the “good” magical girls show up, Tres Magia.

Utena is flabbergasted at the magical girls she admires being right in front of her. Unfortunately the magical girls consider Utena to be evil. She tried to explain she was forced to become who she had transformed into but the magical girls think its a ruse to let their guard down so they decide to go on the attack.

Venalita gives Utena a weapon to defend herself, a magical wand called “Full Star Dominazione.” When she hits something with her wand it comes alive and becomes an extension of herself to attack or defend, in this case it was a flower that grew gigantic and given a “erotic binding.”

The flower captures the Tres Magica with its vines and binds them the usual ero style, completely bound and wrapped around their breasts.

Utena finds herself happy that she was able to bind Tres Magica, which she herself finds confusing. In fact, her happiness at seeing the despair and suffering the magical girls go through makes her feel elated and ecstatic.

She snaps out of her ecstatic trance though and feels she needs to stop. Venalita doesn’t want her to stop though and wants her to inflict even more suffering on the magical girls. It’s the push Venalita knows Utena needs to become a truly evil magical girl. The blackmail of Utena’s naked transformation is once again used to force her to do it. So what does she do?

She lowers them down and starts whipping their butts with her magical wand. Now she’s feel pure ecstasy from their suffering as she keeps whipping them more and more.

Utena can’t believe what she’s doing and believes it to be all a nightmare or maybe a dream. So why not take it as far as she can in her dream? She won’t get another chance and decides to finally go with the evil flow and have fun with it.

Venalita has witnessed the birth of a evil magical girl. The “admiration” Utena felt toward magical girls wasn’t that at all. Instead it was the thought of wanting to “dominate” the magical girls and feeling the joy from their suffering, as she is actually a strong sadist on the inside.

Utena wakes up the next morning thinking everything was a bad dream but finds Venalita talking to her from across her room. Tres Magica had escaped from the flowers vines and Utena and Vanlita had escaped from the battle, one of many they will have. Utena is shocked to find out everything was real and yells out for the magical girls to save her.


I’ve read magical girl manga and this one certainly takes it into a different direction. As stated earlier, this is more about evil magical girls than good magical girls. I like the change and by throwing in some fan service too it makes it a very interesting and exciting read.

I really like the character of Utena who is revealed to be a closet sadist as her outward appearance is that of a shy and meek girl. Her “switch” flips quite often in the manga as her inner sadist loves to see the Tres Magica and other evil magical girls she encounters later to suffer and dance in the palm of her hands. I’m not too familiar with the S&M scene but there’s lots of instances of it in the manga, especially between Utena and one of the members of Tres Magica. I love seeing her happy and expressive self when she’s dominating others.

Of course there’s still the friendship aspect in the manga too as we see Utena gaining friends/allies in her domination of not the world but of Tres Magica.

There’s lots of lewder scenes too in the manga, which you don’t often see in the magical girl world. Mostly it comes from torn or battle damaged outfits that leads to lots of exposure.

Interestingly enough, Akihiro Ononaka previous manga which ended, Kumika’s Sense of Taste, has no similarity at all to this manga as it was a cute manga about an alien experiencing eating different and tasty foods on Earth. I really liked reading it too and suggest you read that one too.

I really like the direction of where this manga is going and hope it does not end soon as we find out more about the evil magical girl world. The art is great and quite detailed, especially when showing how happy Utena is when she’s dominating others. It’s always good to see a new perspective on things to expand one’s world view. If expanding my world view means watching magical girls suffer more and lewd scenes then I’m going to be quite “educated” with each new chapter. Can’t wait for more.

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I admire magical girls, and… 
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