Kishi Mieko figure swaps her OL suit for a bikini

The sexy, small breasted (B81), wide hip (W60), and wide waist (H99) Meiko Kishi is swapping her usual office lady suit for a bikini while she’s on her business trip. She comes from the manga “The Chief Kishi Mieko” by mangaka xiaowoo. If you’ve read the manga then you know Meiko is a hard working OL (Office Lady) in the office and while out in the field getting contracts. The way Meiko usually gets her contracts is through seduction. This time, she’s on a business trip and will get her contract while wearing her new bikini.

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If you’ve read The Chief Kishi Mieko manga then you know it’s about Meiko, the hardworking OL.

When she’s out in the field working hard to get contracts she uses her body and exposes herself in various ways to clients to get them to give their hanko (stamp) of approval. While she does have smaller breasts she is quite cute and has nice wide hips to make her clients drop their guard.

She goes to clients in her OL suit and strips it off piece by piece. Each piece stripped makes the client drop their guard more and more.

The upcoming figure of Meiko though is having her drop her usual OL suit and switching to a swimsuit while on a business trip. Pre-orders are being taken for this 1/6 scale figure now and Meiko will be released in September 2021.

The figure captures Meiko’s figure well, especially her wide hips.

As per Meiko, she’ll also seduce you in her bikini, by stripping it off piece by piece for you.

I personally prefer Meiko in just her bikini with her straw hat off. That pose without the hat is very hot. Like in the manga, she looks confident in her sexy body and will use it to get what she wants from you.

The figure is based off the illustrations of Meiko the mangaka drew.

While the figure matches the illustrations pretty much spot on, the face of Meiko throws me off a little bit. Her face seems a bit chubbier compared to her manga version. Again, it does match the illustration the mangaka drew though and the sculptor obviously designed the figure based on the illustration version and not the manga version.

This is a well made figure and will certainly be a nice addition to your collection. If you’re tired of big breasted figures and want someone with smaller breasts but nice wide hips then Meiko is for you. Great for you thicc fans as well. You can keep her in her swimsuit or take off her top and make her strip for you so she can get your “hanko.”

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