Nukenai Seiken-chan – Manga review

If your a fan of lolis, boobs, lolis with boobs, swords, and metal smithing then Nukenai Seiken-chan (ヌけない聖剣ちゃん) is the manga for you. The manga just ended with 70 chapters completed and likely 6 volumes (currently up to 5 volumes). The manga follows sword smith Tatara and the holy sword Excelia that took down the Demon Lord. Excelia is an imperial sword, one that can interchange between a sword and human form.

After Execelia defeated the Demon Lord with the Hero he asked her to stay in the woods where one day another hero will find her to defeat the great evil. To determine who was worthy the Hero told Execelia that someone with the same crest as his will appear with it on their hand. That same crest is also on Execelia’s sword pedestal which is also her panties when she’s in human form.

Tatara, as a sword fanatic, wants to make his own imperial and travels the world to find out more information on how to make one. He wants to know more about Excelia but with her always in her pedestal, aka her panties, he feels he will never know how to fully make a imperial. So his goal is to take off her panties…pedestal. Whether it be by him or some other external force.

Along the way they come across other imperials, including a couple that become their traveling companions.

Along with a myriad of side characters and opponents that seem to be erotic in some way or the other.

The very erotic moments of this manga that take it basically into 18+ territory without being classified as 18+ mainly take place when Tatara does”maintenance” on the swords with mana potions to make them clean and shiny. Although in reality he does it while they’re in sword form what we, as the readers, get to see is his hands rubbing all over their bodies with a slippery liquid that causes the swords to feel good and to moan in happiness as he’s very good at it.

I enjoyed reading this manga. It kept me entertained with all the lewd jokes and erotic moments. The mangaka certainly knows how to draw the manga in a way to keep your eyes on every page. His characters are interesting and have original designs. The story keeps me interested enough to turn page after page to find out what happened next and comes with a original story that follows a sword smith rather than the usual heroes.

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