Tenga Crysta male masturbator series ushers in a new era of sex toys

Tenga Crysta Male Masturbator Series

Tenga seems to be unstoppable. Japan’s most innovative and successful sex toy maker just keeps pumping out new and exciting toys with an emphasis on improving on thier previous releases and giving their patrons exactly what they want. 

Their most recent release is a brand new series that is more of a mid-price range option while still maintaining the sleek design philosophy and build quality that made them famous. Introducing their Tenga Crysta series.

Tenga Crysta Male Masturbator Series

The three masturbators in the Crysta range are sleeves that boast Tenga’s tactile sensation masturbation technology – which essentially means that the stimulation you receive from using the toy can be altered depending on where and how you hold it. Not only does this ensure that you’re always satisfied, but it allows each session to be unique and varied – and with three unique designs to choose from, we are spoilt for choice. And, of course, as this is a Tenga range, they are ridiculously easy to clean and maintain. The stand they come in also makes for the perfect drying stand which is a nice and convenient addition.

Here’s a promotional video from Tenga themselves introducing the range (in Japanese)…

Perhaps a major reason that Tenga’s products became as famous as they have is their sleek and smooth design that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern art gallery – which in turn makes for a less embarrassing experience should someone discover that you use this type of masturbator. Compared to some of the hentai themed onahole that are available from Japan, this could be a breath of fresh air for some. 

Right now, the Tenga Crysta Series is only available from Japanese suppliers and will most likely roll out to suppliers around the world in the next few months.

Fortunately, otonaJP in Japan is shipping out the Crysta range worldwide right now at a great price, and with English descriptions and customer support. Here are the three masturbators in the series…

Tenga Crysta Leaf

Tenga Crysta Leaf Male Masturbator
Tenga Crysta Leaf Male Masturbator

Tenga Crysta Ball

Tenga Crysta Ball Male Masturbator
Tenga Crysta Ball Male Masturbator

Tenga Crysta Block

Tenga Crysta Male Masturbator Series - Block
Tenga Crysta Block Male Masturbator

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