Taimanin Igawa Asagi voice actress officially retires from role

Sad news for fans of the long-running Taimanin franchise as the talented voice actress behind Igawa Asagi has officially retired from the role after fifteen years. 

Hina Nakase broke the news on her Twitter account, and also on a radio show in Japan, stating that after fifteen years in the role, it was now time for her to retire and a replacement to take on the role. She also thanked all of her fans who loved her as the seiyuu for Asagi over the years.

Taimanin Asagi voice actress retires

Hina, who is also known as Sawano Reika, showed off a special Asagi cake she received while announcing the news on the radio show and also shared how much she enjoyed the role over the years and how the fans made it special for her. 

Taimanin Asagi voice actress retires

Hina also expressed that she wishes to support all current and future Taimanin in the series. Whoever replaces her for the Asagi role certainly has her work cut out trying to match Hina’s sexy voice and talent. 

Artwork by Kagami Hirotaka

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