Gokujo Amazing Japanese Breasts – the best paizuri toy yet?

We’ve seen a fair few paizuri breast toys released by Japanese makers recently from JAV star breast replicas to absolutely huge tits based on doujinshi series.

While these releases are all perfectly fine and do exactly what they were made to do in their own way, there’s a new release that simply outclasses most previous releases in terms of realism, with looks and feel. 

The Gokujo Amazing Japanese Breasts by SSI Japan (aka DNA Japan) are made from a special quadruple layer of materials that gives them a superb feel of realism, making them extremely fun to fondle and fuck. As soon as we pulled them out of the box here at the R18 headquarters to see what all the fuss was about, we were amazed by how real these look. Granted the L-cup size is a little on the large size, and not in a bad way, but the texture, shape, and the way they wobble when you shake them is superbly life-like and simply mesmerizing to observe.

These new tits are a little on the pricier side when it comes to breast-based male masturbator options, but after groping them for a fair while – simply for journalistic purposes of course – we discovered that they’re very durable. They should be able to take a good amount of squeezing and penis poking.

Durability is one of the most important factors in our opinion when it comes to sex toys as it allows you to just get down to business without too much worry. When you combine that durability with the awesome feel of these breasts, however, we’re sure they have the potential to provide many future sessions of pleasurable L-cup-titty fucking. 

Well done SSI Japan – It seems you have a hit on your hands here, that will soon be in many other hands around the world.

The Gokujo Amazing Japanese Breasts are available now from worldwide adult toy supplier otonaJP

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