Some Poor Guy Lost His Onahole After Typhoon Hagibis Hit Japan

Typhoon Hagibis (Typhon 19) recently hit Japan casing lots of chaos and proving to be especially dangerous in the north, where nearly a metre of rain fell in just 24 hours in some locations. 

Tokyo and other places were battered by high winds as well as flash floods and river flooding, causing damage and devastation. Life practically ground to a halt while the storm passed. 

Typhoon Hagibis was certainly large and powerful and considered to be the biggest to hit the Kanjo region of Japan since 1958. 

Of course, whenever a big typhoon or storm hits, there is going to be quite a lot of damage to buildings and houses, and as a consequence, people tend to lose valued objects. 

Basically, anything that is not securely fastened can go missing. 

All sorts of things turn up in strange places – Photo albums, books, DVD’s, jewellery, kitchen appliances, furniture etc. And the people walking around to survey the damage after a big storm will often come across these objects. 

But perhaps one of the strangest things ever found, turned up on a beach recently after Typhoon Hagbis. 

Twitter user HIRO came across a sex-toy male masturbator (called an onahole in Japan), although this one was a rather large hip-type onahole – We’re guessing a Puni Ana DX Hard, but we can’t say for sure. 

Thanks to Hiro for sharing the video on Twitter.

Hiro did what any good explorer would do in such a situation and decided to poke the thing with a stick. He then proceeds to give it a few hits….maybe just to make sure it wasn’t alive?

The video ends with the sex toy being violated by the stick. Poor thing.

Onahole Typhoon Hagibis
Yep. Definitely an Onahole

Obviously, some poor guy in Japan is now missing his sex toy and he must be horrified if he sees this video of its condition and the way it has been treated.

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