Mischievous virtual YouTuber succubus EvE gets her own range of adult toys

Wayward Japanese adult toymaker Tama Toys is giving another virtual YouTuber the sex toy treatment. This time it’s the lewd and big-busted succubus EvE Varlaine (often shortened to just EvE). 

First, it was V-Tuber DWU (Deep Web Underground) to receive a range of adult toys such as an onahole inspired by her golden locks of hair, a pillow cover, a lubricant and even scented underwear. With the success of these DWU adult items, Tama Toys have put their expertise into providing us with four new items that allow you to realize the fantasy of having sex with EvE.

EvE is a succubus with an (anime-style) voice and a mischievous personality. Unfortunately, due to YouTube’s policies, EvE keeps her more lewd and naughty content available elsewhere, but she does post more mellow videos on her YouTube Channel

Here’s one such video titled “Training Video [JOI]” where EvE guides us through a masturbation session and challenges us to last until she finishes the countdown with the intention of “training” stamina.

Here are Tama Toys’ four new adult toys inspired by EvE: 

Minarai Succubus – Virtual YouTuber EvE on ASMR (with DVD)

EvE’s own onahole that comes accompanied by a DVD with her guiding you through and offering encouragement while you enjoy her love tunnel.

EvE Varlaine Love Juice Lotion 600ml

EvE’s very own lubricant which, as otonaJP describes it, “replicates the wet and slippery viscosity produced by the horny succubus’ pussy when she is turned on”.

Insert Air Pillow/Cushion Pillow Cover Virtual YouTuber EvE

An air pillow cover featuring illustrations of EvE by artist Usu Mare.

Insert Air Pillow FUTAMATA Cover EvE

An air pillow cover featuring illustrations of EvE by artist Amano Don. 

You can follow EvE on Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube channel to see all her latest videos. 

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