Original Sakura Taisen Game now available in English

With the recent launch of Sakura Wars truly a Dream came true for many Gamers and specially Sega fans. After Sega being on the wrong path for years in the eyes of many gamers, their recent strategy seems to be to go back to their roots.

The original Sakura Taisen Game, originally released for Sea Saturn in 1996, sadly was never available in English. Fan translators Iwakura Productions and NoahSteam have worked hard on the Translation for months and have now finally been able to release it.

To play it you need a Sega Saturn able to play Burnt disks or a Medium Core PC, able to run an Emulator.

Below you can check the Launch Trailer of Sakura Taisen. Have you ever tried the original and how many of you still possess a Sega Saturn; perhaps even a Japanese Original? Let us know in the comments below.

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