AKB48’s Anka Yamada accidentally flashes panties on social media post before show

Oh, dear. AKB48’s Anka Yamada recently shared a social media post of herself backstage before a show in which she accidently shows her panties up her short skirt. 

Anyone who knows anything about the famous girl group AKB48 from Japan will know they generally try to keep a squeaky clean image as they have a lot of young fans as well as many older ones. Because of this, any lewd behaviour or even romantic relationships or public displays of affection are frowned upon by management. 

It must have come as quite a shock to 17-year-old Anka Yamada then when a social media post suddenly blew up and went viral. The girl group’s members often post social media images but they don’t usually garner the attention that Anka’s did at this time. And on closer inspection the reason why is obvious because there is a clear view up her skirt where her panties were on display.

Many of her older male fans will have especially appreciated the bonus panchira (underwear glimpse) of the star’s white panties. 

“Panchira” is a major fetish in Japan and while Anka’s panty flash may have been accidental she will most likely have received many new admiring fans around the world after the incident.

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