The famous Virgin-Killing Sweater – Erotic images

The Virgin-Killing Sweater is a fashion apparel that grabbed many people’s attention in Japan a couple of years back when it was first released, and then again, repeatedly every year since. 

The reason why it garnered so much attention and created a small social media storm was because of its revealing design. In fact, “sweater” is probably not the best term to use to describe this piece of clothing as it does a terrible job at keeping its wearers warm.

The Virgin-Killing sweater is essentially a knit garment that seems to have been made with the sole intention of revealing side-boob. It’s open-back design also reveals a large portion of bare skin and also the upper part of the buttocks. 

Because of its revealing nature, Japan aptly dubbed the sexy lady-apparel the “virgin-killing sweater”. 

And after you see the collection of images we have complied of sexy Japanese gravure and JAV idols modelling it, you’ll understand why…

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