Sexual Treatment from a Slutty Nurse onaholes offer healing JAV star therapy

“When I get that feeling, I need sexual healing” – as the famous lyrics from Marvin Gaye’s classic go. Sexual healing is most definitely a real thing, and sometimes a good orgasm is simply the best way to unwind after a long and stressful day – which, in turn, can have a positive effect in reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) levels and therefore help to reduce any potential future stress-related medical problems.

And so, our sponsor, otonaJP, are offering the perfect medical aid to help combat those aforementioned stress-related ailments. The Sexual Treatment of a Lady Nurse series of male masturbators by NPG are based on various popular Japanese adult video stars, and the theme is “slutty lady nurses”. Is there a better combination?

Sexual Treatment JAV Star Onaholes by NPG
Sexual Treatment JAV Star Onaholes by NPG

There are currently eight available based on the following JAV stars: 

Each onahole in the series comes in a nicely designed box featuring photos of each sexy JAV idol in a skimpy nurse outfit, and also excellent anime-style illustrated versions on the opposite side. 

The onaholes themselves are handheld toys, all made from medium-firm materials and all feature inviting pussy lips that are modelled on the JAV stars that they represent. There’s a lot of visual stimulation with these toys as well as the penis pleasure, for extra pussy-healing energy. 

The inner tunnels of the Sexual Treatment toys are dual-layered meaning the inner tunnel is made from a separate material to the exterior. All of the toy’s inner tunnels are a deep red colour and are veiled in various pleasurable textures that envelop and sooth and restore an erect penis once inside. Each onahole also features a specially designed exterior that makes them easy to grip and use. 

Aside from the special healing attributes that this range of toys possesses, they also provide amazing, and almost addictive stimulation, with each toy offering a slightly different experience – which makes them a must for JAV fans who want to collect and experience as many adult actresses as possible.

The Sexual Treatment of a Lady Nurse Onahole Series is available now from otonaJP.

Here are some photos of the toys and JAV idols: 

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