Japanese gravure idol & karate black belt Airi Shimizu wows viewers on prime time TV

The Japanese gravure idol, actress and Okinawan Karate black belt Airi Simizu – 清水 あいり- captivated TV viewers in Japan recently when she made an appearance on a variety show to demonstrated her martial arts abilities while wearing a revealing Karategi. 

The big-busted beauty who is famous in Japan for modelling swimwear and starring in numerous TV shows has been practising Karate since she was a young girl and attained the black belt.

Airi met her old Karate sensei during the TV show and was overcome with emotion as she had not seen him in years previously.

Later in the show, she demonstrates her lethal combat abilities, but we are guessing most observers were admiring her other assets just as much as her impressive Karate skills.

Here are some images of Airi in action…

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