After all that wait – Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo on March 3?

The remake for Final Fantasy VII is so close and after all these Years of hoping for a remake and then waiting after it was announced (couple of Years again) RPG Fans have been looking forward to playing the still unannounced Public Demo for the game when it leaked about 2 weeks ago.

After a few people even were able to download the game from the PlayStation store and run it on their Jailbroken PS4, rumors were that the Demo was supposed to release this week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so forth but nothing happened unfortunately. And as it now sadly seems, SquareEnix will hold back that sweet piece of our Final Fantasy VII Remake a bit more as according to reports from Gamespot the demo will release on March 3 alongside the game.

While none of this has been confirmed by SquareEnix yet, it is quite safe to assume that the info is correct as they have been dead silent on the matter for the past 2 weeks since the leak. Below is a partial lets play of the demo which hopefully stays online this time (SquareEnix loves to take videos down…)

Have you been looking forward to play the Demo as much as we did? Let us know in the comments.