Corona hotel in Osaka shares unfortunate namesake with virus

Corona Hotel Osaka

The world is on high alert at the moment with the recent outbreak of a new Coronavirus originating in China, with infections now being reported worldwide. 

Understandably, people may want to avoid places where the potentiality for contracting the virus is seemingly higher. While highly-populated places, and especially places with lots of foreign visitors are the more obvious areas to avoid – a hotel in Osaka, Japan has also received some negative attention due to its unfortunate namesake with the new virus. 

The Corona Hotel in Osaka has seen a flurry of tweets and tags on Twitter because it has the same name (Corona) as the now-infamous Coronavirus. 

In fact, the hotel was getting so much attention that they made a tweet in an effort to try to distance themselves from the virus…

The tweet and the hotel went viral in Japan getting them lots of attention and publicity. 

Most people saw the funny side and realise that the hotel is most likely safe from the virus, and aside from a few jokes, they received lots of messages of support from well-wishers for which the hotel was grateful.

Maybe, for now, at least, their name won’t affect their business too much. 

Images: Corona Hotel Osaka / Twitter

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