Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Celebrated With Retro Bag Collection

The iconic 80s retro game that is Pac-Man is having its 40th anniversary this year – And to celebrate, the game has collaborated with Belgian-based fashionable-bag-maker Kipling to release a collection of Pac-Man-inspired trendy bags.

There are 30 different bags available in the new collection for both men and women including backpacks, suitcases and laptop bags. There are also key chains, and zipper pullers available. Each items features a combination of Pacman and the four ghosts (Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Clyde) as decals on the bag, zippers pullers or other decorations. 

Various fruits from the game are also used to decorate some of the bags in the collection as well as the famous maze as a background. Some of the bags also adorned with reflective decals that show up when light is shone on them such as this ghost one…

The Pac-Man collection of collabaration bags can now be purchased on Kiplings Website, in their physical stores, or in store which carry Kipling products worldwide. The price of the Pac-Man anniversary bags ranges from US$18 to US259.  

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