Final Fantasy VII cafes to open in Tokyo & Osaka alongside Remake release

Square Enix Cafe Tokyo / Square Enix Cafe Osaka

Final Fantasy fans who were left disappointed with the fact that the long-awaited Final Fantasy Remake has been delayed can console themselves with food and drink in two new Final Fantasy VII Remake themed cafes opening soon in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. 

The restaurants will be pop-ups at the Square Enix Cafes, one of which is newly-relocated in popular otaku hotspot Akihabara in Tokyo, and the other in Osaka. 

Both cafes will have full Final Fantasy VII inspired menus so far including a fruit parfait, and a Moogle sweet bean bun, as shown in the image below…

The drinks menu follows the FFVII theme with two non-alcoholic cocktails. One being a Cloud drink with a mix of pine juice and lemon gelatin and topped off with the famously oversized Buster sword. The other cocktail is a Sephiroth drink made from pomegranate, syrup and ginger and decorated with his super long Masamune sword. 

The cafe coasters and pace mats will also follow the game’s theme with various character portraits and action images to be admired while enjoying your food and drink. 

The cafes’ menus in Osaka and Tokyo respectively are set to change offering one menu between February 8 to March 17, and another from March 18 to April 24. Reservations for both cafes can be made from January 30 on the Square Enix Cafe websites. Square Enix Cafe Tokyo / Square Enix Cafe Osaka

Images: Square Enix Cafe (1 – 2)

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