Tama Toys really pushing it with the smell of a Pregnant Women

While not being exclusive to it, the fetish of having a special desire for pregnant women is definitely a big one in the Hentai scene. Japanese Adult Toy maker (or Joke Goods as they call them in Japan) Tama Toys has come up with lots of weird stuff in the past. Female Toilet Smell – Armpit – Vagina during Sex….you name it.

Their latest “invention” is a little bottle full of a scent they call The smell of a pregnant woman or in Japanese; Ninpu no Nioi. While we haven’t tried it ourselves, the idea surely will find its fans and the good people over at otonaJP told us that they are even sold out of their entire first batch of it the moment they put it on their virtual shelves, getting restocked soon however to make sure no one is left behind.

So if you wanna spice up your next session with some sweet Japanese Women Pregnant Smell then perhaps the Ninpu no Nioi should be on your wishlist. You can get yours at right here at otonaJP and even help us out to pay the Bills by doing so with this Affiliate Link.

Image credit: ち■■部 (Б)