Visual Novel Wabisabi serves your Kemonomimi needs

Animal Ears aka Kemonomimi in all shapes and sizes are a real thing on cute Japanese Girls. They often come as Neko Mimi, or Cat Ears in English. They just give your Loli Waifu an even cuter looking and English translated Visual Novel Wabisabi is playing with that never ending Desire.

Wabisabi has main character Kousuke being greeted by magical Kemonomimi goddesses when returning home from attending an art college. His goal is to build romantic relationships with as many cute and Kemonomimi eared Girls as he possibly can in addition to have the Sex of his lifetime with them.

They are eager to please perverted Kosuke in any way possible. If perhaps you think that you can help Kosuke on his rich adventures then having a look at Wabisabi might be worth your time. Beside an English Version there is also a Chinese one and you can find it right here.

Check out a few screenshots below!

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