Mcdonald’s Japan offering Adult Cream Pies

Maybe the McDonald’s Japan marketing team should have consulted an English speaker before naming their new lascivious dessert – or perhaps they did and this is all part of an elaborate worldwide marketing campaign. Either way, they have named their new pastry-based dessert the Otana no Cream Pie – Adult Cream Pie

McDonald’s Japan is always releasing new menu options to keep people coming to their restaurants as there has been a lot of competition form other fast-food chains in recent times. New menu options keep people coming back to try new things and keeps people talking about them. 

The word “creampie’ doesn’t have quite the same sexual connotations that it carries in the English language. And the Japanese word Otona (adult) is often used in the food industry to describe a more subtle flavour and give the sense of high-quality. When the words “adult” and “cream pie” are put together in English, however, an altogether different subject is often thought about. This is not helped by the fact that the McDonald’s marketing pictures for their new dessert feature creamy white fillings.

The result of the lewd combination of words in English resulted in many amused reactions on Twitter among Westerners…

And Japanese speakers themselves are starting to realize the lewd meaning of the word “creampie” and why Westerners are finding it so funny..

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