Mister Donut in Akihabara dogged down by Hololive Otaku from Overseas

Hololive asserted their international dominance of the Virtual Youtuber genre in Tokyo this weekend, thanks to the Hololive’s 5th Fes and Expo held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. The influx of overseas fans however became a problem for one particular store, the famous Mister Donut in Akihabara.

Opened in the late ’70s, the Mister Donut store in Akiba has been a mainstay for a long time on the scene, sitting opposite Akiba’s popular Animate store. However, the store staff must have been shocked at the amount of tourists from overseas coming to visit their store, even lining up waiting for opening hours and hours all thanks to the store becoming a pilgrimage site for fans of Hololive English’s twin Vtubers FuwaMoco.

The two Vtubers, who are “twin demon guard dogs”, are the most popular out of their wave of content creators, even capturing the hearts of Japanese otaku with their overwhelming cuteness. Both Japanese and overseas Hololive otaku began appearing at the store, openly flaunting their otaku status with ita-bags, a social faux pas even in Akihabara. FuwaMoco themselves posted on X telling their overenthusiastic fans to calm down and follow rules.

While things will inevitably die down slowly as Hololive Fest fever passes, the employees at Mister Donut likely had the most stressful week of their year, forced to stock a large amount of FuwaMoco’s favorite snack, the Pon-de-Ring and perhaps regretting working their ass of for nearly minimum wage.

Check below some photos of the craziness that was going on there. Would some collaboration be worth for you to wait hours and hours? It seems that a lot of people even travelled to Japan just for that.

Japan really is the Otaku capital of the world. Just look at all those die hard fans. What great times we live in.

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