Mc Donalds releasing three layered Matcha pie in Japan

Mc Donalds in Japan is surely its own category and vastly different from the ones its motherland the US or in Europe. For once, the food is tasty and quite fresh looking compare to those branches outside the land of the rising sun. But not only that, Mc Donalds in Japan surely has some of the best campaigns and seasonal foods of all fast food chains.

Their latest invention is a three layered Match pie, called the Match Kuro-Mitsu Warabi Mochi Pie. Yes you got that right, three layers cause one or two just wouldn’t be enough. Said item is the perfect addition to their also currently going on Teritama Burger series and Spring themed Strawberry flavored drinks as you can see below on the picture, courtesy of a friend of ours who shot it at a local Mc Donalds in Osaka.

What items would you go for at Mc Donalds in Japan?

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