Working on the Pokemon Anime doesn’t even pay Minimum Wage

Working in the Anime industry is a dream for many, specially when the job ic located in Japan. However, according to twitter user @arasan_fourth who works in the studio that works on the Pokemon Anime and whos real name is Jun Arai (unconfirmed), it is not as gloruius and well paid as you may think. Being in the industry since 1997 and have worked on series like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Sword Art Online, he says that in the end his work even pays less than he would get at a convenience store in Japan and they usually start with the legal minimum wage. 

Per animation cut he is getting 4500 Yen and breaking it down to the Hour, he ends up with less than the above mentioned Conbini worker which in Japan is a synonym for a bad paying Job. 

This wasn’t the first news we heard of such kind and will definitely not be the last. Excessive Crunch Time in Anime and Game Studios in Japan is almost the regular case with Studios and Companies benefiting from talented and Skilled Enthusiasts that would do almost everything to work at the company or in the industry of their desire.