Sega bean paste cakes on sale at official store in Tokyo

Residents and visitors of Tokyo can now treat their taste buds to Sega themed taiyaki (bean paste cakes) that will satisfy sweet-toothed gamers.

Taikayi is a popular sweet cake in Japan. They’re mostly filled with a sweet mashed red bean paste, but there are other options available such as custard, chocolate and sweet potato. They traditionally come in the shape of a fish with different shapes and designs by different makers. 

Japanese Taiyaki “Fish” Cakes

Now, a Sega store in Akihabara, Toyko is offering taiyaki in the shape of their famous logo. These cakes sell for just 250yen (about $2.30 USD) and they can be taken away from the store or eaten as you play on the various machines such as UFO catchers and arcade games.

There are also various cakes in the shape of Sega characters such as Doctor Eggman (Doctor Robotnik) with potentially more designs to come in future.

More information on the Sega cake store can be found here

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