Brain F*cker Sex Toy to go on Sale in Japan For Halloween


Japan – land of the rising sun and producer of things that make people say “what the fuck?” out loud. 

Well, living up to this reputation, the Japanese sex toy maker, Tama Toys, has released a truly WTF-worthy adult product that takes the word ‘sapiosexual’ (someone attracted to a persons mind rather than the body) to a whole new and weird level. 

We first heard the news when our friends – and Japanese adult goods supplier – otonaJP tweeted about it: 

The Brain Fucker is a penetrable sex toy that is modelled on the human brain. Yes, you read that right, “PENETRABLE”!  

The Brain Fucker Male Masturbator (Onahole) by Tama Toys

It is the same size and around the same weight (1.4kgs) of a real human brain, because Tama Toys like to take things seriously. 

Brain F*cker Sex Toy
What a mind-fuck this toy is!

Actually, the person who is in charge of Tama Toys’ twitter account sounded just as confused about a brain-based onahole as the rest of us when making the announcement, saying (translated from Japanese)…

“This is a large Onahole that exceeds 1kg! 
Why is Onahole shaped like a brain? I have no idea either…
By the way, it’s pink and so insanely realistic it’s kind of scary …”

The Brain Fucker Onahole will come with a complimentary pack of lubricant so whoever is willing to buy it can get started with their brain-fucking-escapades right away. 

Brain Fcker

We are not sure of the price of the Brain Fucker as of yet, and it will go on sale towards the end of October just in time for Halloween, we guess.

Although, we at R18 Japan are dumbfounded trying to think of a reason you might need a life-size fuckable brain at Halloween? 

Brain Fucker Onahole - Sex Toy From Japan
Via @otonaJP

Source: Twitter/@TMA_Tama_eigyo and Twitter/@otonaJP

Featured image: Twitter/@TMA_Tama_eigyo

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