Sakura Knight offers plenty of girl-on-girl action

Sakura Knight offers plenty of girl-on-girl action

Sakura Knight is the new visual novel by Winged Cloud featuring not one, but four beautiful women who regularly partake in yuri sex with each other. It also features a few bonus slime and monster scenes. 

The Sakura Knight story revolves around Estelle who is the main heroine and the adventurous daughter of the great hero Cressida. Estelle dreams of becoming a brave knight just like her mother, but her adventure won’t be easy. 

Game description from the game page: 

The land of Lemuria was once in turmoil. Ruled over by the evil demon queen, Gunhild, the people lived every day in fear and strife… until the brave female knight, Cressida, destroyed her.

For the last thirty years, Lemuria has been at peace. Knights like Cressida are no longer needed to protect the masses – but Cressida’s daughter, Estelle, is determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Not content to spend the rest of her days in her parents’ bakery, our young heroine vows to take up the sword and go on a fantastic adventure…

But things don’t quite work out that way!

Despite her lofty ambitions, Estelle is sheltered and naïve. Less than a week into her adventure, she’s hoodwinked by a crafty catgirl, and then she has to contend with a wildly flirtatious elven princess who keeps making advances on her!

How will Estelle ever manage to make her dream come true?!

Sakura Knight is available now on Steam – The free patch from Winged Cloud’s Patreon will need to be downloaded to activate the adult content.

Here are some images:

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