Fireman from Chiba caught giving High School girl presents in exchange for Sex

According to Sankei Shimbun a 29 year old Firemen Tenji Nakamura from Chiba prefecture was arrested for giving presents to a then 15 year old girl, in exchange for Sex.

In march last year, the Deputy Chief of a Fire Department in Chiba allegedly paid the girl, with a Hat she wanted, worth around 10000 Yen (about 100 USD) in exchange for Sexual activities which took place in an apartment, full aware that the was still a Minor.

Nakamura, who is now accused of violating the anti-child-prostitution-law admitted to the allegations by saying that he knew that she was around this Age when being questioned in Takashimadaira Police Station.

According to Police first contact between the two was made via twitter where she commented on a picture of a hat he posted, showing her interest for it. In return he asked of she would like to meet up if he would buy the Hat in question for here. The Cyber patrol division started noticing the social media communication between the two and since then started investigating on the issue.

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