R-18 Onahole by Toys Heart builds on popular R-20 Series

Toys Heart have been producing excellent male masturbator toys for some years now, with all sorts of interesting themes and stimulating designs. 

One of their most popular series is undoubtedly the R20 onaholes that are based on horny, voluptuous and sexually curious 20-year-olds and feature tight and stimulating tunnel designs. It doesn’t take much investigative work to figure out why the series is popular – aside from the appealing theme, the toys are very high quality and provide great sensations. 

Now, Toys Heart have updated the concept and gone even younger. The R-18 Onahole is based on a fresh-faced and horny 18-year-old Japanese girl who wishes to expand on her minuscule repertoire of previous sexual experiences. And she wants you to provide them. 

This medium size male masturbator features a smooth exterior with a grip design for easy handling. And the inner tunnel consists of a series of thick nubs leading to a large end chamber that builds up a big suction effect to keep everything snugly wrapped around your member. 

If this new R18 Onahole is even half as good as their R20 series was then tight onahole lovers are in for a real treat. 

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