There’s not enough silicone for sexy breast mouse pad!!

If you’re reading this right now then there’s a chance you’re reading it from your computer. If you are then that means you’re using a mouse. So you want to get a mouse pad with wrist comfort in mind and probably some ero too since you’re on this website. So that means you could have ordered the extra large Kashino from Azur Lane breast mouse pad. Unfortunately the makers are not able to get enough silicone for this wondrous marvel!!

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This amazing mouse pad is supposedly life size at 60 x 48 centimeters (23.6 x 18.9 inches). Kashino’s breasts reach a height of 10 centimeters (3.94 inches). If only her breasts were also life size as I believe they should be bigger!! Though I guess that means you wouldn’t really be able to use it as a mouse pad…easily that is.

The company, Yostar, did a pre-order for this mouse pad at a cost of 49,500 yen each (about 495 USD) starting on 12/30/2020. The pre-order ended on 01/31/20210 and they were able to get a amazing 1893 orders!! The total gross sales was 93,703,500 yen (about 937,035 USD).

Despite the big cost of ordering such a mouse pad, there were so many pre-orders the manufacturer was not able to procure enough soft silicone material to fill Kashino’s breasts as the mouse pads were made to order. Never underestimate the love otaku have for ero!! While the company is not cancelling the orders, it’ll take a little longer than expected for customers to get their special mouse pad. Originally it was planned for a late March 2021 shipment. There is currently no time frame for when they will be shipped.

Yeah, that’s what you want to put in between there, a karate chop…

By the way, pre-orders also came with this special bonus, a lift up clear poster. The top layer is screened on top of what’s likely clear plastic with Kashino’s clothes on top. Lift it up and you can see her in a bikini underneath. Quite a novel way to present a ero poster. It’s essentially two posters too.

If you’re looking for more breasts to squeeze, rest your head on, or have paizuri with, otonaJP has a whole bunch of breast toys.

For a non-ero wrist rest, I recommend this wrist rest as I use it myself . It’s pretty comfy and my wrist is very relieved of the pain I used to get.