Japan has a boob shaped town mascot

If you’re even a big interested in Japan you’ve probably come across a Japanese mascot. They represent everything from companies, events, and even towns. One such town is Hikari in Yamaguchi prefecture who introduced the world to Cuto (spelled Kyutto (( きゅっと )) in Japanese ). Most town mascots represent something the town is known for, in this case it’s for a town that love of boobs. Which is how a anthropomorphized pair of boobs became the towns mascot.

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You’re probably a little confused at this point. Let’s explain. Back in the 1970s baby formula started getting popular in Japan but the city council of Hikari, after some research, found natural breast milk was better for babies and made a public awareness campaign to the people of Hikari. Soon enough the campaign for breastfeeding, also called oppai wo nomasu (let’s drink boobs), evolved into a more comprehensive child rearing campaign to raise children with all the love, care, and support parents can give. The name given to this campaign was “Boob Child Rearing” with focus on watching, hugging, and communicating with children.

This also included the following official boob declarations:

Hikari will be a city that is kind to all their people, mothers, children, fathers, through the power of boobs.

Kids will be held close to the warmth of the chest, aka boobs, to be raised with love so they grow up being caring, healthy, and shining.

Hikari will give all the help they can to mothers to make sure their babies get bountiful boobs.

Boobs are to be respected, protected, and supported.

Cuto’s designer came up with her design by thinking of a character with hearts, boobs, and a mother motif. When you think of hearts there’s a good chance you think of love. When you think of mothers you think of motherly love. When you think of boobs you think of nipples which is what those blush circles are on Cuto’s face. Yep, her heart shaped head can be thought of as upside down boobs. The flower on her head represents new life that grows quickly when embraced by boob child rearing. The pink colors are for feelings of love.

Cuto’s name, when used in Japanese (Kyutto), is a pun on the word “cute” and is also a Japanese onomattopoeia for giving something a loving squeeze Wholesome. Not like my thoughts of giving boobs a loving squeeze.

Cuto also has a energetic bouncing and swaying dance.

The city of Hikari uploaded a video demonstrating how to do the “boob bouncing and swaying” dance.

By the way, the city of Hikari also holds a “Boob Festival” to celebrate “Boob Child Rearing. A more wholesome festival than I would imagine when I hear the words “Boob Festival.”

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