The Otaku in 10,000 BC doujin review

Before the world of isekai was popularized and can be seen in almost all new manga, we had the doujin “The Otaku in 10,000 BC” that flung us farther than any other isekai, the prehistoric ages. Created by doujin artist Chosuke Nagashima back in 2016, we’re introduced to a world where the only sex position is doggy style. The men are mostly bearded wild men who mostly think about sex (not too much different from modern times men) and women who mostly have giant breasts and slim figures who do all the thinking and hunting. In comes Yuji Ota, a otaku who was somehow flung back into these prehistoric times where he must teach the beautiful and bosomy women he is surrounded with the joys of sex with multiple positions.

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Yuji had been dumped by his girlfriend for being a otaku and in his daze afterward he somehow found himself in the prehistoric ages.

It’s there he finds the princess of the nearby village having sex with random strangers out in the wild.

These wild men are soon caught by the guards of the village to save the princess and killed them, despite the princess enjoying herself.

They’re soon attacked by a giant saber tooth tiger which first knocks Yuji into a boulder and he becomes unconscious.

After the tiger is killed the guards head back to the village but the princess later sneaks back in and finds Yuji. She finds him amusing and takes him back as her pet.

She takes him back to her village where Yuji is astounded to see other beautiful bosomy women like her.

He learns the princess is bored with the regular routine of sex which only involves the doggy position. Yuji of course soon teaches her the joys of sex with different positions.

Soon enough Yuji finds himself surrounded with different women who hear about him and his sexual knowledge.

Yuji finds himself teaching all these women the pleasures of sex and becomes literally the first to do some of the sexual plays.

Of course he finds himself in very interesting situations as well, like stuffing his body into the vagina of a giant amazon.

The art is pretty good, there’s quite a few funny moments, and lots of big breasts. While all the women do basically have the same body shape, with some variation in the breasts size, I don’t have a problem with it. Some might prefer big breasted women too but maybe want her to be thicc too. There are times where you wonder if there were plastic surgeons back in prehistoric times considering all of them have big balloon shaped breasts, which again I don’t mind. The one bad part is despite there being a western release it is still censored for the more revealing parts. Also, it has an interesting original story line.

Yes, there is a actual story line too in case you’re wondering. Not just modern man teaching prehistoric women the pleasures of sex. We find ourselves watching Yuji becoming a rising stud in the prehistoric world from when he started off as a pet. He saves the damsel in distress, saves the leader of the village, and soon enough becomes the savior, and leader of the village. Though in the back of his mind he always wonders if he’ll go back home to modern day Japan. That opportunity presents itself in the last volume but will he go back and leave all those big breasted women who worship him behind?

See if he does in the last volume. There are a total of three volumes of “The Otaku in 10,000 BC” which you can order and enjoy on Amazon.