Tama Toys Releases One of Their Best Inflatable Girlfriends Yet

In this article: One of the best Tama Toys Inflatable Girlfriends yet – the 2.5D Girlfriend Sex Doll

Onaholes are great. They bring a whole new level of stimulation and pleasure to your masturbation sessions that a hand alone could never match. 

The only downside is, they lack a body to play with, cuddle up to, and toss around during your passionate escapades. Unless, of course, you want to fork out a wad of cash on something a little bigger, or even a full sex doll

Tama Toys Inflatable Girlfriends
2.5D Girlfriend Sex Doll

Luckily, sex toy makers like Tama Toys are here to offer cheaper alternatives that still up the masturbation experience, such as the 2.5D Girlfriend Sex Doll.

This inflatable girlfriend will give you a sweet Japanese anime-girlfriend experience, by providing you with an excellent slot to insert your favourite onahole. And her body is quite voluptuous too with some nice perky breasts and ass cheeks to hold on to. 

Tama Toys Inflatable Girlfriends
Easy Access M-Leg Position

At just a tiny fraction of the cost of a full sex doll, you can dress the 2.5D Girlfriend up in sexy dresses and adjust her body in your preferred positions. Take her in missionary, doggy, cowgirl or whatever your mind and penis can conjure up. 

If you’ve ever wanted to fornicate with your very own anime girlfriend in the comfort of your own bedroom, then this little cutie is waiting for you. 

Find her at otonajp for a ridiculously low price

Fits many Onaholes, but probably best to check before purchase.
She looks cute in this Japanese Schoolgirl Outfit

Tama Toys Inflatable Girlfriends

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