Taimanin Nyotaimori Plates let you eat Sushi and more in style

The Taimanin series from Lilith Soft is of huge popularity, also thanks to the countless Onaholes they have already released in collaboration with PPP.

Beside a lot of already existing merchandise, Plates to eat from where not the first thing that came to my mind to be honest but their new Nytotaimori (the art of eating Sushi from a naked Body in Japan) Plates are surely sexy.

While the plates themself are not looking anything too fancy, they are 22cm in size and feature erotic illustration of either Yukikaze or Akiyama Rinko, with such items bound to be unique pickups for dedicated otaku who even need to spend their supper with their favorite characters.

Scheduled for release in April, they are coming in at a cost of close to 50 USD which surely isn’t a bargain for what you get but lets face it here, Fans will rip these Plates of Lilith Soft Online shop shelf as soon as they are available.