Nyotaimori (Body Sushi) – Japanese Female Body Buffet

Nyotaimori Japanese Body Sushi

In this articleWe take a look at the Japanese tradition of Nyotaimori (Female Body Arrangement), otherwise known as “body sushi”.

You’ve probably heard of the Japanese tradition of eating sushi from a naked female body before, and maybe you’ve even tried it, as there are now restaurants in New York, London and many other places around the world. 

Nyotaimori Japanese Body Sushi

It’s increasing in popularity, but have you ever wondered how and when it started in Japan? Thankfully, R18Japan is here to answer those burning questions…

Nyotaimori – 女体盛り- is the Japanese practice of serving food on a naked woman’s body. Usually, the food that is served is sushi or sashimi – and so the act is often referred to as “body sushi“. 

Nyotaimori Japanese Body Sushi
Nyotaimori Japanese Body Sushi

The tradition of practising Nyotaimori goes as far back as the samurai period in Japan, and would often take place in a geisha house as a celebration after a victory in battle. Sounds like the samurai sure knew how to have a party. 

Nyotaimori is now considered an art in Japan, and the women who act as these sushi-platter-body-plates take it very seriously – often training themselves in the discipline of laying still for hours on end. 

The food that is served is often quite cold, and so the person who is modelling the food platter has to be able to withstand the cold temperatures without moving. 

Champagne or Japanese sake is also often served with the sushi in these resturaunts.

Sushi is placed on sanitized leaves on the model’s body to prevent her from having any reactions from the fish-to-skin contact.

The models are ‘usually’ required to bath in special fragrance-free soap before performing for hygiene purposes. She then chills her body with some cold water to keep the food moderately chilled while on her body. 

Nyotaimori Japanese Body Sushi

There are a few Nyotaimori restaurants in Japan, mostly in Tokyo and Osaka. If you’re a sushi lover and appreciate the female form, then this sounds like a great way to enjoy both at the same time, and partake in some age-old Japanese samurai traditions. 

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