Surprising collaboration between Super Sonico & Taimanin RPG announced

A surprising and rather unexpected collaboration was announced on Twitter recently. Super Sonic, who is the curvy mascot for Japanese visual novel developer Nitroplus will soon be appearing in the Taimanin RPG smartphone game based on the Taimanin eroge franchise.

The news was announced on the official Taimanin RPG Twitter account along with an image and an event announcement:

Not much information has yet been given regarding Super Sonico’s role in the game, and it remains to be seen if she will be subjected to any of the sexual violation that the Taimanin ninja girls often experience. The image posted, however, does show Super Sonic donning similar attire to the Taimanin as well as the kunoichi girls wearing similar clothing to her. 

An announcement was also made on Sonico’s official Twitter account along with a statement that she will do her best to be a good ninja: 

The collaboration will begin on March 16th.

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