Sitaquest – A Solo Trip? Forget It. the Ladies Aren’t Allowing That – RPG Now Available

Join a young prince on his epic adventure with RPG Sitaquest (English version) now available on DLsite. 

Sita is a young prince who is to begin a family tradition, revealed to him by his father, the king. That tradition is a pilgrimage he is obligated to take, in which he will need to visit and pray at a special place designated to him by the shrine maiden of the magic capital Prereita. And so, Sita leaves for his adventure with his bodyguard at his side. 

Sitaquest -A Solo Trip? Forget It. the Ladies Aren’t Allowing That- is mostly dungeon crawler type game in which Sita needs to complete various tasks and visit numerous places filled with dangerous monsters.

When Sita comes into engagement with an enemy, the turn-based battle will be initiated during which players will have full control of Sita. Sita’s companions throughout the game will act on their own. 

In-between visiting these dangerous places, Sita will find himself in peaceful places where he can purchase new items, gain new tasks, interact with NPC’s and have sex with older women. Many of the sex scenes involve Sita being raped, coerced into sex, or being dominated by elder women is some way or another. New options can be unlocked for the sex scenes by replaying the game multiple times. 

Here are some of the game’s highlights from the game page on DLsite…

The in-game events vary each time you play the game and clear it.

Sita can choose to “Meditate” by praying to the statue of the Goddess.

Gain an upper hand on battles by extending Sita’s strengths!

Sita eventually forms a team larger than 10. Of whom Sita is the only male!

Each lady possesses a unique skill to facilitate Sita’s journey.

The protagonist, prince Sita was the royal family’s crown jewel.

During his first journey, he is surrounded and bullied by the ladies.

With the striking battle balance and configurable game difficulty, you can experience smooth gameplay.

The game can be played multiple times after completion.

Each new round results in more options to choose from. Resultantly, the story changes.

The erotic scenes are reverse rape.

Despite Sita’s dislike, the ladies relentlessly pounce on the prince!

Would prince Sita’s penis survive the offence?

Ejaculation after ejaculation… The ladies continue to desire his penis.

God only knows where the prince’s adventure would lead to.

* There are cheat codes to skip the game and replay the scenes. Those that are unfamiliar with PC games should not be repelled. You can jump directly to the sex scenes.

Sitaquest is available now on DLsite for the promotional price of 1144yen ($10.49 / €9.52 estimated) until February 25, after which the game will cost 1430yen. A demo is also available on the game page. 

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