Why Toys Heart products are increasing it’s price recently? We just might have the answer

Toys Heart is one of the longest standing Japanese Adult toy makers on the market and specially known with people outside of Japan for their early appearances at Anime Expo in collaboration with J-List many years ago as well as some of their Hit Onaholes such as the Virgin Age Admission series which in the end was an exclusive over at otonaJP.

It has come to our attention and to those of many fans in forums and on reddit that recently their prices has raised a lot at overseas shops such as otonaJP, Naughty Nippon or others and while the Japanese Yen is being super weak now compare to the Dollar and Euro which could be some explanation, other makers seem to have not raised their prices that much.

So what is the story behind this? We did some investigating by comparing prices of various of Toys Heart products in various sites and have found that not all their items seem to have this happening to them. This made us suspicious and left us wondering.

After reaching out to three different sources we have in Japan, all confirmed independently to us that it seems that their B2B Shop for companies selling overseas seem to have a lot of products not available anymore, all of them with mainly younger looking characters such as their Caution Tight Hole series, Kanojo Smiley Pop Candy or Student Council President, only to name a few of their popular ones.

Checking on those items that have increased prices overseas in Japan, it seems that their have been no such thing in Japan, leaving us only one conclusion here (also backed up by our japanese sources) that Toys Heart tries to not sell products that feature illustrations with younger looking characters overseas that often can be seen as controversial outside of Japan. The increased prices therefor most probably result in vendors selling overseas getting their supply elsewhere, raising their purchasing price and this way sadly also their sales price.

We have reached out to Toys Heart over a week ago with no answer. While from Japanese companies we would suspect a lack of english, they do run an all english website as well, leaving us believing that they may do not want to comment on the issue.

How do you feel about this and have you notices this as well in case you a frequent sucker for Onaholes like myself?

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