Nanpa in Saga is a full success in new JAV release

The “art” of japanese Nanpa is well known even abroad. Its basically hitting on Girls, with men often being a bit pushy; trying to get a girl or girls to come with them to have a few drinks. This often ends up in more and this is what one of the latest releases on ZENRA is about. NANPA MISSION IN SAGA PROVES SUCCESSFUL is one of the latest and fully subtitled released movies on the only website that offers official and licensed translations on JAV movies.

Info via ZENRA:

Sometimes friends may prefer to try new things together.  This goes double when that ‘thing’ is appearing in an adult video.  Sure, both may be on the naughty side already, but doing such a brazen act in their birthday suits and being filmed (with their faces showing!) is a whole different ballgame.  It really does take guts to do an adult video.  It’s no walk in the park and in spite of moronic rumors, Japan isn’t overflowing with JAV stars.  The adult services industry as a whole may be a lot more widespread leading to probably a higher than average (compared to to the west) number of women tiptoeing into it, but still, Japan is not nonstop adult video stars on every street corner……

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