Sega Ages G-LOC Air Battle – game details and screenshots

The official page for the upcoming Sega Ages release of G-LOC Air Battle is now available on Sega’s website

The game is due to release “soon” via the Nintendo eShop for 999yen in Japan. 

Here are the new features as described on the official page:

Mode Overview

Arcade Mode

“Arcade Mode” is a mode where you can enjoy the game in its original form. You can choose from three difficulty levels at the start of the game, each with different stages. The game is played mostly in a first-person perspective, except for when an enemy is behind you, in which case it will switch to a third-person view. Aim to clear the mission by avoiding enemy attacks using throttle operations to control your afterburners. 

Ages Mode

In addition to the “Arcade Mode”, which faithfully reproduces the original arcade version, the “AGES Mode” allows you to enjoy new missions in a more streamlined and comfortable way.

The lock-on cursor has been sped up along with the weapons search range. You can enjoy the exhilarating play of shooting down a large number of enemies.

Moving Cabinet

The replica “moving cabinet” popularized in the Sega 3D Fukkatsu Project for 3DS is now available for Switch! The “Deluxe Type” swaying screen has been reproduced as much as possible. A non-moving cockpit, as well as the original dot-by-dot vintage screen are also available to select.

Online ranking support

Elements of the SEGA AGES series are also included allowing you to observe replays of other players. Online rankings can be enjoyed by advanced players and can be challenged in five different rankings: arcade mode, difficulty level, age mode, and freestyle. In addition, HD vibration that plays a role in the power of the game, and “Auto Vulcan” that can reduce the number of operation buttons can be turned on or off via the settings screen.

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